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The newest version of Instagram is pinning its hopes on geo-tagging, which is masked in a feature called Photo Map. And with this release, the company might have taken a first tentative step towards a unique business model. (GigaOM)

I disagree with how the new update created a business model for Instagram - it is an interesting view but nothing sort of ‘new business model emerging’ for Instagram.

Conversation in Instagram is around pictures you post and most importantly the latest pictures. With Photo Map, you get an aggregated view but it sort of breaks the conversation.

It is a speculation; just like how people speculated about Facebook / Twitter’s business model.

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I love Instagram and been using it for a while now. I never noticed this until yesterday when I was testing a feature in my application. I am going to skip over the details on how I found it as I might end up disclosing things I should not.

Instagram saves a copy of a filtered picture in iOS camera roll whenever you pick a picture, apply filters and share it on Instagram. I found out that those saved filtered photos gets geolocation of the place of upload. It doesn’t matter where you took the pictures, if there is no geolocation (lat and long) in the original picture, Instagram adds location details.

The pictures I took in Hawaii in my DSLR (with no location) have Seattle location because I created the picture to Instagram from Seattle.

It is not a big deal but it bothers me that I have incorrect locations on my pictures solely based on place of creation. 

After bit more digging I realized that even with ‘geotagging’ option is disabled (in the upload screen), the location is getting added anyway. I got curious and disabled the location services in iOS settings - I went through the same routine but this time the copy that got created didn’t get geolocation info. 

So iOS is adding geolocation when you create a picture?

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Presentation by Mike Krieger.

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